Лог интернет-чата с Аланом Уайлдером от 02 июля 2007 года


02 июля 2007 года прошла интернет-чат сессия с Аланом Уайлдером, в которой он рассказал о новом альбоме и ответил на вопросы посетителей его сайта. Так же все присутствуюшие могли прослушать все треки его нового альбома subHuman за неделю до официальной даты релиза с комментариями Алана после каждой композиции. Ниже мы предлагаем вам полную стенограмму (лог) этого чата.

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Alan Wilder > My kids don't really listen to Recoil - even though I force them to. paris likes Gwen Stefani

Alan Wilder > My kids don't really listen to Recoil - even though I force them to. paris likes Gwen Stefani

Alan Wilder > My kids don't really listen to Recoil - even though I force them to. paris likes Gwen Stefani

Alan Wilder > No-one's asked me when I'm rejoining DM yet? How disappointing

Alan Wilder > There's lots of performance on this album - more than in the past but still cut up and re-processed. It's what I enjoy most

Alan Wilder > More singles? possibly but depends how 'Prey' does

Alan Wilder > I'll try not to leave it 5 years this time!

Alan Wilder > Next time around I'm not sure who I'll e working with - there are many people I admire but we'll have to see

Alan Wilder > It's a long process trying to complete all the version - and then the mastering took ages

Alan Wilder > The DVD has all versions, ambient version, 5.1 and videos. It's a good package and the audio quality is better on DVD than CD - so I'd recommend it

Alan Wilder > It's a modern approach to the blues

Alan Wilder > I didn't want it to be a pastiche blues record

Alan Wilder > String sounds are a combination of real and samples

Alan Wilder > This Lp for me is more melodic. i didn't want to use spoken word this time. Done so much of that

Alan Wilder > So I kid myself that vodka is more slimming. The only way is to excerstse so Hep and I play Tennis - until she storms off when I shout at her

Alan Wilder > So I kid myself that vodka is more slimming. The only way is to excerstse so Hep and I play Tennis - until she storms off when I shout at her

Alan Wilder > Favourite beer? Weisbier - but it makes me fat.

Alan Wilder > sorry your q's aren't showing up but I am getting some of them.

Denitsa > where are you right now, as you speak?

Alan Wilder > Do I check myspace? yes, but I prefer to call it myspaz...

Alan Wilder > He owns loads of vintage gtrs and amps

Alan Wilder > Finding out that Joe was such a great player was a real bonus

Alan Wilder > Reminds me a cross between Talk Talk and King Crimson

Alan Wilder > This is the jam section coming up

Alan Wilder > What's a mambo? A voodoo princess -- ooh, creepy....

Alan Wilder > About the ambient version of LP - it seemed like a good idea because there are so many sounds that don't always get exposed. Value for money!!

Alan Wilder > Even though there is a lot of religion here - I'm into science. i don't follow a religion

Alan Wilder > Originally Joe did a complete vocal for this track

Alan Wilder > Live performance - probably not. But go and see Joe - I've told him to play them!

Alan Wilder > Apparently, there is a backlog of about 1000 questions. Oops

Alan Wilder > People are asking about film work. yes - I'd like to do some - so come on Fincher, get on the phone... seriously, I would be up for it.

Alan Wilder > I don't have any favourite tracks on this album - honest.

Alan Wilder > Ok - yes I do have some spare time but that's when Hep tells me to wash up

Alan Wilder > What spare time?

souflorida > Do you listen to electronic music in your spare time?

Alan Wilder > I think the chat has gone wonky again - sorry

Alan Wilder > samples marco? I didn't hear any...

Marco > In "Allelujah" I heard a loop taken from from Rubycon, by Tangerine Dream, it's right?? Are there other particular different loop-sources from varoius artists in subHuman?

Alan Wilder > I mean the dodgy bits! Ha

Alan Wilder > I'm not releasing my multitracks - you'll hear all my secrets!

Alan Wilder > The Texas session was a lot of fun. Hep, PK and I went for a week and we managed to explore the town for a night! We also saw Joe's band play live. In fact if you're near to Austin, go and see him...

OrrinQuest > Joe's voice reminds me Bukka White's... I know you found him by google. But I think you also liked his voice for that. Am I wrong ?

JoshRecoil > Was subHuman the most fun Recoil album to make, or was it the hardest since you had to learn new technology?

juliengb > Some electronics artists release their multitracks on the web and allow unknowned people to remix their files. What's your opinion on this, Alan ?

Alan Wilder > no plans to work with those two at the moment - but it's early days to talk about next LP

Alan Wilder > The technical side of things these days made it perhaps a longer process because of all the choice - but you still need ideas of course

notmyernie > this track goes far beyond what I thought or could imagine-it is amazing! any further collaborative efforts with sonya or siobhan?

Alan Wilder > As many of you know, I typed into google 'blues singer' and up popped Joe!

Alan Wilder > i can't see your questions at the moment. The blues elements are very strong on this LP. It was just a natural thing for me. That's the way the Lp developed so I went with it.

Alan Wilder > Some technical issues at the moment - sorry

Alan Wilder > Some technical issues at the moment - sorry

Alan Wilder > You're not supposed to admit you download the Lp illegally!

Alan Wilder > After hearing Joe's playing, I'd be stupid to even attempt gtr! I didn't play any drums either, before you ask

ControlF > did you play any guitars by YOURSELF on this album?

Alan Wilder > there are some re-used DM sounds - and I'm not apologising for that!

skywalker > as good as i could heard it from the downloaded SubHuman (sorry... :) ), there are lots of effects from SOFAD, especially from In Your Room (in allelujah), and from Higher Love. Am I right?

Marco > Alan, on this album do you worked mostly on software or on hardware synthesizers?

Alan Wilder > sorry for the shit typing

Alan Wilder > Yes - after the basic track was done, in Texas, Joe's band played along and then I re-wroker theri performance into my track.

Jonny75 > Did you have a 'band' jamming on this record as with Liquid?

Alan Wilder > No strings on this one. Well, not many

cHris Ire > Oh My God!!! This sound is brillant.... but I am wainting for the magic strings...

Alan Wilder > Depends - can be anything. usually a loop and then another loop and so on until the atmosphere starts to evolve

Cralle > Alan, can you elaborate a little bit on how you compose/construct your music. Do you typically start with a bass/drum line, or where do you start "messing around" with sounds?

Alan Wilder > Yes I'm alive thankfully

concerthea > Hello there Mr. Wilder, good to see you alive and kicking :D

molokoplus > This is an historic moment for the Recoil fans, thanx to the Boss.

Hiro > Hello From Japan !!!

molokoplus > Hi from Mexico City

alexrows > good evening, bucharest!

Halo > Hello from Spain!

dubnspace > hello from pasadena,CA is the video supposed to be showing anything right now?

hyperslug > hello from Herning, Denmark

Marco > Hello Alan! It's a honor to meet you!! Greetings from Italy!

alex davie > nice to see you online, Alan )

subHuman > Good evening Mr. Wilder. This is Lisa. And at first i must say that i heard a track from subhuman on youtube and it is really good.

Incubus. > We are Hungarians:) I am the Greatest fan of Hungary:)

Stephanie > Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Vodkaman > Hi from copenhagen

Vale > Hi guys!!!!! We're two girls from Turin Italy!!!!!

Alan Wilder > Hello everyone. This is Alan. I'm now in the chat room and will start answering your q's very soon. Enjoy!


Stephanie > greetings from my office in Massachusetts, USA

skywalker > umm... hello from HUNGARY!

bongmute > hello everybody :)

Mike75 > Hi there from Zurich

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Nosferatu > Hi everyone, craig here form England

Rich > hello, this is Ricardo from Mexico, and RECOIL TOUR CAMPAIGN

KM > hi everyone form Prague.

Yurka > Alan, best regards from rainy Moscow :)

Recoilogy > hello from Italy!

morvan > Hello from Paris and thanks to Alan for this!

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Vega > Hallo from Italy

Lontra > Wow! A european convention...

alex davie > so we are waiting patiently for Boss :)

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devotee > Hi Everybody from Poland

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JAponiec > I am from Poland, too

laurentiu > hi from romania! salutare, oberkorn

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mazzy77 > Hi Alan just wanted to say how wonderful it is to be chatting , is there a chance of a RECOIL tour in the future, and would you ever concider joining the Depeche boys for a .reunion .gig mazzy xxx

Moody > Are there many songs that didn't make the album that will be released on future releases


LACUS > Hello Everyone!

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TRISTAN > hola sr wilder

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